Mining control posts

31 de January de 2024

Fleet management strategies in the age of automation 

One of the main challenges faced in the mining industry is to mitigate costs and increase productivity while maintaining safety. At the same time, in the […]
24 de January de 2024

How to carry out an effective analysis of MTTR and MTBF indicators 

The maintenance indicators MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) are fundamental metrics for assessing the efficiency and reliability of systems, equipment […]
7 de December de 2023

Fleet sizing: a complete guide to increasing productivity 

You’re having productivity problems in your operation and you don’t know what’s causing the bottleneck. We have the answer! Fleet sizing is a crucial process for […]
27 de November de 2023

How to calculate the resistance of ramps to optimize productivity?

The transport profile for an operation is essential. For this type of analysis, the total resistance is considered, with the well-known “rimpull” graph and rolling resistance […]
16 de May de 2023

Queue times in mining: how can the operational indicator improve the logistics of the loading and transport operation?

Loading and transport operations represent about 60% of the total mining expenses. In order to minimize these costs, we seek a higher productivity of the equipment, […]
24 de April de 2023

Operational safety in the mine environment

Operational hazards, failures and errors are inherent to the activities developed in complex and dynamic environments such as the mine environment, and it is considered unlikely […]
29 de March de 2023

Measuring the average load and its impact on other operational indicators

The average load indicator is used to track what is the average weight, in tons, carried by trucks in a given period of time, helping managers […]
16 de March de 2023

The Importance of fuel management for the profitability of the operation   

Do you know the costs that make up your operation? Perhaps this is one of the main questions to be answered when we talk about profitability. […]
1 de February de 2023

How to know that the application of an improvement was effective?

We know that the mine environment is extremely dynamic, with numerous variables influenced by operating conditions, fleet capacity and operator proficiency, in addition to situations such […]
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