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27 de November de 2023

How to calculate the resistance of ramps to optimize productivity?

The transport profile for an operation is essential. For this type of analysis, the total resistance is considered, with the well-known “rimpull” graph and rolling resistance […]
2 de October de 2023

How can we reduce fuel consumption in transportation equipment?

We have previously discussed the importance of fuel management for the profitability of operations. It has become clear that several factors play a significant role in […]
12 de September de 2023

Main reasons for interference in loading productivity and how to analyze them

The loading operation represents a substantial part of the costs of a mine operation and directly influences the entire production cycle, since the transportation process depends […]
28 de August de 2023

How to size your loading and transportation fleet efficiently?

Loading and transportation operations are the most critical and complex in mining processes, as they involve high investments and operating costs. If there is no harmonization […]
8 de August de 2023

Analyzing the main factors that influence the productivity of the transport operation

Productivity is the operational indicator that portrays the efficiency of the mine operation in terms of the agility to transport a ton of material from its […]
13 de July de 2023

The impact of costs with tires in the mine environment: how to reduce them?

In mining, there is a constant search for cost reduction and increased productivity of the operation. A significant part of the costs of a mining enterprise […]
27 de June de 2023

How operational indicators contribute to the management of access roads

The access roads in a mine consist mainly of unpaved roads, which may be deficient due to the constant traffic of equipment. Thus, requiring good management […]
20 de June de 2023

The impact of good drainage and correct road surface structure: Potential gains for production

For mining operations to develop properly, it is essential that various mechanisms related to mine infrastructure are in place to support and ensure that the desired […]
8 de June de 2023

The challenges of mine infrastructure and how to solve them

For the extraction of a mineral resource to occur effectively, a set of actions related to mine infrastructure is essential to support mining operations. Activities such […]
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