21 de December de 2023

How to use the Rimpull Graph to estimate the speed of transportation equipment?   

Previously, we looked at some definitions of the Rimpull Graph. In this article, we’ll move on from theory and into practice, demonstrating how to use the […]
31 de January de 2024

Fleet management strategies in the age of automation 

One of the main challenges faced in the mining industry is to mitigate costs and increase productivity while maintaining safety. At the same time, in the […]
24 de January de 2024

How to carry out an effective analysis of MTTR and MTBF indicators 

The maintenance indicators MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) are fundamental metrics for assessing the efficiency and reliability of systems, equipment […]
10 de January de 2024

How does automatic random weighing revolutionize mining efficiency? 

Automatic random weighing refers to an automatic selection method for measuring the weight of transported material, involving equipment such as trucks, excavators or wheel loaders, without […]